Fire Prevention

"Many of us don't relate to the familiar chip pan fire image because we don't think that scenario will ever happen to us and we put fire from our minds. But the chilling reality is that you are more likely to suffer a house fire than be burgled". Deputy Justice Minister Hugh Henry.
The best plan is not to have a fire. You probably have a good idea of the things that cause fires in the home. If you are honest, you will know that most fires are the result of lack of thought or concentration, or of carelessness. They can easily be prevented. Sit down and consider the problems associated with cigarettes, matches and lighters; the things which cause fires in the kitchen; candles, heating appliances and equipment such as electric blankets.

You will be surprised at how much you know about making sure you don't have a fire. If you have a partner or family, have a discussion about keeping each other safe.

Fire Safety at Home

Our fast facts will give you a quick guide to the most common domestic fire dangers, and what you can do about them.

General Fire Safety Advice

Smoke Alarms 
•  the most effective way of warning you of a fire in your home 
• they're cheap, costing around £5 to £8 
• buy an alarm that complies with BS 5446
• make sure the battery is tested regularly. If in doubt replace with a fresh battery 

• nearly 4 out of 10 fire deaths are caused by careless use of smoking materials 
• never smoke in bed or in an armchair when you are feeling drowsy 
• keep matches and lighters away from children 

• deep fat frying results in 16,000 house fires a year in the UK 
• never leave cooking oil to heat unattended and don't throw water on burning fat! 
• buy a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer 

High-rise Flats 
• keep escape routes clear and free from clutter 
• never tamper with dry riser inlets on landings. If you see a dry riser vandalised, report it immediately to your Housing Association /Local Authority or Landlord 
• practise an escape plan and don't include the lift ALWAYS USE THE STAIRS

Fires and Heating Appliances 
• caused over 4000 fires in Britain in 2010 
• don't put furniture or dry clothing within 1 metre of a heating appliance 
• don't put mirrors above the fireplace in case someone stands too close and their clothing catches fire 

• accidentally caused 2009 fire incidents in the UK in 2010 
• don't leave lit candles unattended on mantelpieces or window sills 
• extinguish them properly when you go to bed 

If fire breaks out
• get out of the house and dial 999 
• don't waste time collecting valuables 
• don't go back in until the fire brigade say its safe