What is the Family Safe Window System?

Well simply put it is an escape system that is designed to fit into every home and office, the unique foldaway design makes the system, discreet, easy to install and use, suitable for all the family even the family pet. (Cat or dog, please note that we have found that the goldfish do tend struggle a little, but we are working on it).

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 How does it work?


Where can it be installed and used?

Our escape system can be installed in any first floor bedroom or landing window opening regardless of the window frame design. We would recommend that the window aperture (gap between the brickwork) be at least 600mm wide x 900mm high 0.54 m² (2ft wide x 3ft high)

The current building regulations for the UK require:
"An opening that is required for means of escape should have a clear unobstructed opening area of 0.33 m² and a minimum width or height of 450mm. For example, if a width of 450 mm is proposed then the height should be at least 733 mm in order to give the area of 0.33 m². Openings that are required for means of escape should have a maximum floor to sill height of 1100 mm."
The main point to remember here is these sizes are only for the part of the standard window that opens, The Family Safe Window is not restricted to the size of the opening part of the window, when deployed the whole of the window aperture is formed into a fire escape opening. So you can still have the small top opener and large flat fixed pane of glass and all of that area can now be your fire escape window area.
The Family Safe Window escape system is normally fitted when installing new or replacement glazing or in a new house  build or building extension.

The system is specifically designed to be installed into any size window aperture, that meets the minimum building regulation standards. The window sections are all adjustable and can be "cut to fit" on site. The window opening system consists of two frames, the first frame is bolted to the building wall just like a conventional window and the second frame is mounted inside the first frame. These frames are held together by a number of hinges at the top of the frames and a number of locks at the base of the frames.

 A standard fully glazed UPVC, wooden or metal window frame is then mounted inside the inner system frame. (Please note: This means the actual glazed UPVC or wooden or metal window frame is NOT fixed to the building)

 The ladder storage box is installed internally immediately below the frames. This box occupies the area normally taken up by the gap in the cavity wall and the internal course of brick/block work. The system is designed not to intrude into the room and externally there is no noticeable difference between the escape window and all the other windows installed in the building.


  Normal sequence of operation

The escapee will first pull down the hinged internal window board/sill as they are moving that downwards to form the first step, that action also lifts the counter balanced ladder sections upwards to its first stage deployment position. Then the escapee will press the red button and that releases the locks holding the two system frames closed, when released this allows the gas struts to lift the inner frame up and away. The final deployed position of the window has been done this way, so that when open, the window now forms a barrier above the escapees so any falling burning debris doesn't fall onto them.

 So now you have the internal first step in place, the ladder raised to the deployment position and the window open, you now simply push the ladder assembly outwards, a sliding mechanism (much like a draw) enables the whole ladder assembly to slide outwards, when it reaches the end of the slide, the ladder base plate tilts and inverts so the ladder that was once positioned above the base is now mounted underneath the base and as gravity takes over the ladder falls towards the ground, the force and momentum of the fall ensures that each of the folding aluminium sections, straighten and all lock into place. This results in the ladder forming a rigid stable ladder that has the same stability as a conventional ladder. The area once occupied by the ladder sections when in its stored position is now completely empty and this forms a second internal step, the sliding and the inverted plate also form a third step. This makes climbing out of the room and onto the ladder so much easier. A number of handles are mounted on the outer frame inside the room to aid the climb out, this combined with the 3 internal steps makes escape easy and more importantly quick.


Full deployment from the stored position to fully deployed takes between 8 and 12 seconds. Making the Family Safe Window System not only the best escape solution but also the fastest and easiest to use.

 Additional storage compartments are included in the system's storage box for optional extra accessories, such as, a pulley(mountable on the top central handle), rope and safety harnesses these can be used with the Family Safe System to provide an additional safety element for those unsure about climbing down a ladder, or just to lower infants, small children, the elderly, disabled or even pets to the ground. Smoke hoods, first aid kit, etc can be added as required to complete the whole safety system.

The Family Safe Window Escape System is protected under GB patent application GB1116144.5