Fire Action Plan - Plan your escape route now

It is a sad fact that every day at least one person is killed in a house fire in the UK. Smoke is the biggest killer but some die from burns. A further 12 people are injured in house fires every day of the year. So making an escape plan for your home could be a life saver and it could be your life or your children's lifes that are saved

If you do have a fire in your home, remember:

• fire is fast - you have no time
• fire is dark - you can't see
• fire is hot - you can't breathe

You don't need training for this, just think it through. How would you get everyone out at night? How would you get the kids out? How would granny cope? Then tell everyone what the plan is. Practise what you'd do. You may not live to regret it if you don't.

When your escape route is clear:

If at all possible it is better to have two ways of escape, so if one is blocked you can use the other, This is where the Family Safe Window escape system is of benefit. decide which escape is safest, quickest and easiest to leave the house. If that way is blocked use your secondary route. Then get everyone out as quickly as you can, don't stop for property. A life is worth more than the most valuable thing you own.
It is never a good idea to go looking for the fire. If you can, close the door of the room where the fire is, this will buy you valuable time to get out.


Decide which room is best suited ro install the Family Safe Window Escape System, so if your first choice escape route (stairs) is blocked:

Get everyone into your escape room. If possible, make it a room with a phone. This is your 'safe' room. But remember before opening any closed door to a room always test it first, never open the door to a room if it's warm to touch.

• When everyone's in the room, pack clothes, cushions, pillows or towels around the door to keep smoke out
• Activate the window system and deploy the ladders, shout until someone calls the fire brigade. keep everyone close to the open window, calmly start exiting the room via the ladder, it is best to decide which order you will climb out when compiling your escape plan. as an added safety measure small children and the elderly should use the harnesses and safety rope, they may decide to climb down the ladder or they can be lowered to the ground. If there is more than one adult, then children should be accompanied down the ladder. The adult on the ladder can return for a second or third child if necesesary 
• If you do not have a Family Safe Window System fitted and you're on the first floor, you might be able to drop some pillows or cushions and then lower yourself from the window sill. But only ever attempt this as a last resort
• If there are two adults, one should go first to catch children. Pass them slowly and stretch full length before you let them go, Beward of small ledges and outcrops
• No-one should ever jump
• If you're on a higher floor, lean out of the window for fresh air until the fire-fighters arrive

Plan your escape route now:

• Fit a Family Safe Window System
• Practise with your family if fire starts, shout to warn everyone in the house 
• Get out quickly don't stop for valuables
• Keep low down air is cleaner and cooler nearer the floor
• Don't look for the fire - keep doors closed if you can't escape, get everyone in a safe room never jump out of a window.
• If you can, lower yourself onto cushions.
• But only ever attempt this as a last resort.


10 Commandments to Fire Safety

1. Make your ESCAPE plan now
2. PRACTISE your escape route with your family
3. DON'T STOP for valuables
4. SHOUT to alert your family
5. KEEP LOW - air is clearer and cooler near the floor
6. DON'T INVESTIGATE - keep doors closed
7. If you don't have a Family Safe Window fitted and If there's no safe way out, get everyone into a one room and open the window
8. Never junp out of a window. You may be able to LOWER yourself onto pilows and cushions. But only ever attempt this as a last resort
9. If you BREAK a window, cover jagged edges before climbing out (use bedclothes, quilts etc.)