Children and Fire Don't mix

Children are naturally drawn to the warmth and light of a fire. Every year in the UK, homes are destroyed and many lives are lost in fires started by children - some are accidentally and some started deliberately.  Children playing with fire

Tell your children how dangerous and destructive fire can be. Children have no idea how fast fire can spread, or how quickly it can get out of control. Children will not be aware that breathing toxic smoke makes you lose consciousness and can kill.

Some simple guidelines:
• encourage children to tell you if they find matches or lighters
• let them see you being careful about fire risks
• warn older children about the risks of fire from smoking. Even if they don't smoke, they may go to parties with people who do
• hoax calls to the fire brigade put lives in danger. Teach children that it's completely wrong to call 999 for fun

Some children can become dangerously obsessed with fires. If you know children who you think may be lighting fires deliberately, call your local Fire and Rescue Service, but don't dial 999. Specially trained staff will visit the child to give advice and education.

                                                 Rules for children Child playing with fire


• tell a grown-up if you find matches or lighters lying around
• practise what you'd do if your clothes catch fire. Stop, don't run. Drop to the floor and roll to put out the flames. If someone else's clothes catch fire, use a blanket, a rug or a thick coat to help put out the flames


• play with matches or lighters
• play with a lighted candle
• play close to a fire or heater
• pull on electric cables, or play with electrical appliances or sockets
• switch on the cooker
• put anything on top of the cooker
• put things on top of heaters or lights