Having a means of escape is a critical part of surviving a fire in the home. The Family Safe Window System is an essential installation providing a permanent, safe and quick means of escape from domestic and office fires. 

Figures released by the UK Office of National Statistics show that
"Every day up to three people die in a house fire in the UK and over 12,000 people are burned or suffer other injuries in house fires each year".  

House on fire

As almost half of the reported deaths are caused by families being trapped and unable to get out, the added problem of smoke severely reduces your chance of escape.  The Family Safe Window System has been developed for your personal safety, particularly when the only way out is from an upstairs bedroom window.

Our fire escape system is a simple install, usuallyHouse fire done when double glazing is being installed or replaced. Once installed it is discreet and can't be seen from outside the property and only an increased window board is visible inside the room. The system will add to the peace of mind every family needs, with the added bonus of also adding value to your property.
Our research has found when given a choice people are more likely to buy a house where an upstairs fire escape is installed.
The Family Safe System is easy to use, deployment is automated, you just open the lid, press a button and full deployment is usually done within 8 - 12 seconds, a family of 4 can leave an upstairs bedroom via the window and be in the street within 2 minutes. 
Details of Family Safe Window fire escape system will be on display at the ECOshowcase Exhibition on the 29th November 2011 at
Doncaster Race Course
Leger Way
The exhibition website is www.ecoshowcase.co.uk registration for the event and seminers are free..
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